Local SEO

August 26, 2017

Not all SEO is done exactly the same way and no two businesses are exactly the same. Even in a franchise environment each market is different. Therefore, it is important that SEO strategies are tailored for each specific business, industry, and market. By customizing your SEO approach, it is highly effective and even possible to create a mini-monopoly by always staying ahead of the competition and truly owning the market for your industry and your audience. It is time to act and bring the revenue influx to your company that it needs.

If your business is a provider of some type of service, then more than likely your operations are limited by certain geographic boundaries. The amount of transportation and time that it will take for you to travel to your customer, and visa versa, is a definite consideration that limits your customer base. Many small businesses in America have a 30 mile influence radius as an average. This defines your targeted market. The question is…how can you most effectively reach this audience?

How well people respond to you depends on many factors, but advertising is perhaps the most important. Internet marketing is one of the most cost effective means of advertising, and it reaches far more people in your market and has the best results, because you are actually targeting potential customers who ARE LOOKING FOR YOUR TYPE OF BUSINESS to begin with!

Just think for a moment about more outdated and traditional means of advertising to a particular geographical area. For example, you may put up signs in certain neighborhoods. How many people within a 30 mile radius are going to see those signs? Very few. How many of those who see the sign will pull over to write down the information and then remember later to call you or visit your website? Even fewer, if any.

Or how about direct mail advertising, which is very expensive. Because of the cost, most businesses can only afford to send their advertisement to a limited number of houses. How many of those people do not throw away the coupon or ad, as they do most of their junk mail? Very few will actually see your ad among all the others and feel inclined to contact you. There is no way to optimize your results so that your ad or coupon is more important than all the others they received in their mailbox.

Other means of advertising to a particular geographical area may involve trying to blanket some of the neighborhoods in that area with door-to-door fliers. While the results are probably more effective than direct mail or signs, they are still negligible. How many houses have you walked up to that had several different business cards and fliers laying on ground stuck in the corner of the porch, old and dirty? It looks like they have been there for years. Many people don’t even bother to pick them up and look at them. Also, it is common now for most people to enter and leave their house from the garage and rarely do they go out their front door any more.

All of the above methods of advertising to reach a particular market are either time consuming, expensive, have poor results, or all three. In contrast, using the Internet to reach a particular geographical segment is highly effective, for several different reasons.

First, the audience the Internet is targeting are customers who were already looking for your service in the first place.

Secondly, by implementing SEO, you are able to manipulate matters so that YOUR website is advertised first above most of the other advertisements!

Third, since 90% of all Americans now have access to a computer, you are able to reach a FAR wider audience of potential customers.

Fourth, the cost is much more affordable and the benefits are much longer lasting. You are not paying according to how many homes you are advertising to.

And once your SEO starts kicking in and you get near the top of Google, even after you finish paying for the SEO services, you will remain high in the search results and continue to reap the benefits to your business for a long time to come. This is like paying for an advertisement once in a magazine that is seen by 90% of the population, having the ability to make sure that your advertisement is more visible than any others the population will see, sending this magazine particularly to those who were looking for your services, and for years after you are done paying for the advertisement, still showing up in this popular magazine on top of any other advertisers, and enjoying the increased business. There simply is no other means of advertising that is this effective.

It’s also good to take note that the search engines are able to determine where the people making the search are located. For example, if someone in Allen Texas was looking for a fence company, and they typed in Google “best fence company”, even though they did not happen to mention the city they need the fence company to be located in, Google knows that they are making this search from a location in Allen. So it will automatically pull up search results for the best fence companies in Allen. What does this mean for you? It means that if your business has a well implemented Search Engine Optimization strategy, your business will definitely benefit from a local search and the search engines will automatically be targeting YOUR GEOGRAPHICAL MARKET for you!

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